How do Spirits learn how to communicate?

We know the ways in which Spirit does communicate: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairgustance. But, how do they know how to do it? Do they just automatically know how when they cross over? No, it’s not quite that easy. Generally speaking, the Spirits that were good communicators in life tend to have an easier time communicating once they are in Spirit. But regardless of whether they were good or not while in life, they still have to learn a new skill set that is in alignment with their new state of being as Spirits.  How do they do this?

There are three different ways Spirits learn how to communicate with us in physical life:

  • Spirit Guides for Spirits .There are beings on the Other Side that assist those who wish to connect and communicate with their loved ones still here in physical life. These spirits help our loved ones learn how to communicate in their new state without physical bodies – they help them learn how to use energy to create visual pictures, sound through internal and external clairaudience, electricity, etc.
  • Other Loved Ones in Spirit. Your Loved Ones, friends and family work together; not only with how to communicate, but what to communicate in a reading. Was our grandmother great at explaining things in life? Well, she will most likely help out with your shy Uncle as he gets ready to communicate with your at your reading. They will coordinate their timing  (who goes first) and their messages in order to serve your Highest Good at this time.

But Loved Ones can do more than this. Just the other day, a Loved One of a friend of mine showed up at my reading to learn how to facilitate mediumship communication on the Other Side. This Spirit was a great communicator in life and was interested in serving others on teh Other Side by leanring about what mediums do in order to facilitate Spirit/medium relationships. She just came to the reading and sat next to me as I worked –just watching and leanring. Pretty cool, I thought. She was working to be a Spirit Guide, and part of her training was to be present in some of my readings and learn how it all goes down.

  • Mediums here on Earth. That’s right – mediums teach Spirits how to do it too. In sessions I often work directly with the Spirits trying to communicate and guide them into what they need to do in order for me to understand them.  I tell them how to show me pictures, and how to make words for me. I often have to tell them exactly what to show me so it’s clear enough for the client to understand. Sometimes Spirits are so excited to connect that they have trouble getting their messages across so the medium assists them. The medium is really the facilitator of the communication on both sides.

Moving into the Spirit Realm is like moving to a different country where you don’t speak the language, so Spirits often need the help of translators as they figure it out. These translators are both in the Spirit realm and mediums here in the physical realm.

Readings are Divine orchestrations, and there are many Spirits involved with your reading. Their presence and their messages are no accident. Everything has been planned and aligned from the perspective of what serves the Highest and Greatest good – this includes your good, the medium’s good and the Spirit’s good. This is why it’s important to honor and to have an open heart and mind at every reading, as a lot of work has gone into it – on both sides of the veil!

With love,