Connecting with your Guardian Angel

It is so exciting to make the first real connection with Spirit! Learning to connect with your Guardian Angel is a simple, safe and beautiful way to truly begin communicating with Spirit. As you open to your Angel, you build a foundation for all of your relationships in Spirit – relationships based in love and trust.  We can all use more of those types of relationships, right? In fact, the more loving and trust based relationships you build with your spiritual supporters, the more you will be able and ready to bring these positive qualities into all of your relationships. The key to your success is in trusting yourself and what you perceive. Chances are, your guides and angels led you to this article to assist you in making a closer connection with them. After all, they are hovering close to you, ready and willing to take your relationship to the next step!

Ready to connect? Here we go!

The very first step in opening to any Spirit is to allow for the possibility; allow yourself to have an open and lighthearted attitude and trust that you do indeed have Angels ready and willing to connect with you! When connecting with any Spirit, it is important to remember that YOU are a Spirit too! You tune into your own Spirit best when you laugh, enjoy beauty and good-spirited fun. When you open your heart like this you are connecting to your own Spirit. So the first step is to admit to yourself that indeed yes, you too are a Spirit and therefore you are capable of connecting to any other Spirit, whether they are in a body or not!

The next step is to feel your Angels special, unique vibration. Feeling someone’s vibration is simply feeling his or her unique energy – the energetic signature that makes them, them. You know how the people you live with feel to you – their energy. I am sure when you have your back turned and you are doing the dishes, you can feel when someone you love walks up behind you and I’ll bet you can even make a very solid guess on who that person is, am I right? Right. So trust that you have the ability to sense energy. When tuning into your Angel’s energy vibration, it is best to try at first when you are alone, in times of quietude, like first thing in the morning in the shower or as you get dressed or last thing as you lie in bed at night falling asleep. In those moments when you have no distractions around you, quiet your mind and focus on your heart: feel it beating and take a few deep breaths.

Then, simply open your awareness. What do you feel? Chances are you will sense something quiet, warm and loving near you. Everyone’s Angels are different – they have their own unique personalities and character traits. Some Angels prefer to take masculine form, other take feminine form. TRUST what you sense. Accept it. Allow your self to just feel that energy. Try to describe it to yourself. Take a moment to let yourself imagine what this angel would look like if you could see it. TRUST what you feel. TRUST what you sense and TRUST what you see!

Feel like you have a sense, even if it’s a small one of what you angel feels like to you? GREAT! The next step to getting to know your Angel is to find out his or her name.

Yes, you can do this.

All you have to do is ask. Just ask. Say, “Guardian Angel, I am so excited to get to know you. Can you please let me know what name you would like me to call you?” And wait. It may take a day or so. But it will happen. A name will make itself apparent to you. Open your eyes and ears and a name will present itself to you. How does this happen? How do you receive a name from Spirit? How do your Angels tell you?

Angels, like other Spirits, communicate in “Spirit speak”, which means that because they don’t have voice boxes to use to call out to us, they need to be creative and use elements of our physical lives to present their information to us. So, they will be creative. There are many different ways Spirit will communicate to you and it depends on the Spirit and their preferred form. You will get to know how you Angel best likes to connect with you, but here are some common ways Angels like to communicate:

  • Repeated number sequences
  • Songs you hear randomly & repeatedly
  • TV & electronic media
  • Billboards, business names
  • Book titles
  • License plates
  • Road signs
  • Feathers, Coins, Stones, Flowers that repeatedly come across your path (these are signs, look for more posts on signs coming up!)
  • Cloud formations

So when you ask for a name, open your eyes and ears and expect to be surprised. The name will come to you – whether you randomly hear it a few times in one day on the TV, songs or an overheard conversation. Maybe you ask your Angel to guide your eyes, and you see a name in a book title, or a business card comes your way with a name. Maybe you will look at the car in front of you at a stoplight and see a bumper sticker or license plate with the name. Maybe it will come to you in a dream. Maybe a song will get stuck in your head that has a name in it. Chances are the name will appear to you more than once  - likely it will be 3 times in a short period of a day or so. Or it could be one time in a very unusual way (think a blimp flying over your house, or a name shouted from the rooftops!).

Ok, so you get a name. How do you know this is the one they intend? Maybe you got it wrong – maybe you misinterpreted. (You didn’t misinterpret it-trust yourself!) But if you want confirmation all you have to do is ask for it. Say to your Angel “Ok, I got the name Bruce. Can you please give me some confirmation that this is the name you mean? Then open your awareness and wait.

Pay attention to what comes across your path – pay attention to what you see and hear.  Keep in mind as well that most often Angels like to pick names that will be easy for us to use. This means they probably will not choose ornate or very unusual names. Don’t be surprised if your Angel’s name is Julie or David and not something like Oronilia.

Here’s how I first connected with my Guardian Angel:

I began by asking my Angel to step close to me as I was falling asleep. I told it I wanted to have a long and loving relationship with it and could it please come close to me so I would recognize it’s vibration. Sure enough, I could sense a soft, subtle yet warm and loving presence by my side. Then when I wanted a name, I stood standing in front of a large bookshelf in my house that had many book titles and author names visible on the book spines. I calmed my energy and asked my Angel to please guide my eyes to their name. I just relaxed and didn’t try to “do” anything, just look. The first name I saw was David. I asked to please show this again. My eyes went to another book who’s’ author was David somebody. OK! I had a name. Unfortunately, I had kind of a bad connotation to this particular name – it reminded me of someone I knew and didn’t particularly like. So I asked for confirmation the next day, just to double check and see if this was indeed the name. The next day I was out and about and I came across the name David randomly – on a sign, in a store and on the side of a truck. OK! This was it – my angel’s name was David. AHA! I asked and I received. Funny, but it’s that simple!

This is really what you can do to discover your Angel’s name. Just ask, and they will be creative, inventive, sometimes even humorous in giving you the answer. The key is in opening your awareness and just noticing what you see around you, what you hear other people talking about, even things you see and hear on TV or in the print media. You will get an answer. Then, ask them to confirm it.

This is the foundation for how you begin opening your awareness and connection with any Spirit. The first step is in accepting that you are a Spirit too – just one who is presently residing in a physical body. Then open your awareness and start noticing. What you see, feel, hear and come across in your daily life.  Angels will find the best way to get your unique attention – they will send you their signs in the ways you are sure to notice.  And above all – TRUST yourself! What you feel is real.

Welcome to connecting with Spirit!

If are interested in finding our more abou Angels, check out Doreen Virtue

with love,Ashley



Introducing Angels

As I began opening to Spirit during my meditation time, Angels were the first Spirits I felt a strong connection to. I had always heard about guardian angels, and once I began actively meditating and opening to Spirit, I felt connecting with my guardian angel was the logical place to start. After all, I read that guardian angels are assigned to you for life and are with you all the time, through every situation and event! Even if you are just sitting around reading, cooking or watching Netflix, they are there.

We are all capable of connecting with our Angels.

In readings, very often a client’s Angels will come through clear and brightly, acting as the first line of connection with the Divine, with all kinds of specific guidance and information for my client. Angels are such an ingrained part of our culture, they have been depicted in art since before the Renaissance and they are mentioned in the bible more than 300 times. They are the only celestial being that all three of the major religions accept. This is because Angles are intimately involved with us. They are assigned to us by God. They are present and oversee our individual evolution, and they oversee the evolution of the human race. There is a hierarchy to the Angelic Realm, and the study of Angles is so involved there is actually a formal name for it, Angelology. But we don’t need to go into all of that here. What we can focus on is how this is meaningful to YOU and your personal Spirituality.

I often suggest connecting with Angels as one of the first steps in connecting with any Spirit, as Angels are high, loving and with us all the time. Their vibration is like a higher pitch on a tuning fork – it connects to you right in your heart and lifts you like a beautiful piece of music does. Angels hover close by, ready and eager to connect with you. Chances are you have already had instances where you connected with your Angel, but just didn’t realize it. Have you ever felt a warm, comforting presence near you just as you were falling asleep, or right as you are awakening? Have you ever had a near miss- an accident that could have turned out much worse, but you were in fact spared? Do you find yourself drawn to Angels – seeing them in clouds, coming across them in movies, on TV or in books repeatedly? These are all signs from your Angels – showing you they are near and ready to connect with you.

Angels are great to work with as you open to Spirit as they gently introduce the world of Spirit to you – not only do you feel their high clear vibration which helps you to later identify other types of Spirits likes Guides and Loved Ones, but because of the hierarchy of Angels, and the sheer numbers of them you can ask for specific Angels to help guide you in your opening. You can even request protection Angels who will protect your energy and physical body.

Start paying attention to the times and places you feel you may be sense, feel , hear or even see your Angel. Here’s a hint: When you think you might be – you are!

with love,