Exit Points


Every Spirit chooses when they come into physical life, and every Spirit chooses the point when they leave their bodies and return to Spirit.

Before each physical incarnation, each Soul maps out the goals and lessons it wants to experience in its lifetime. The Soul sets up major events for itself in that lifetime and the point of death is one of those events. In readings, Spirit has shown me their physical lives as a timeline with little exits turn offs on it like on a highway. Those exits are points they had built in to their timeline in order to leave. They have the choice on which exit they want to take, based on how their life path has unfolded since coming into the body.  Spirits have told me that if they had not died the way that they had then the end of their life would have occurred in another circumstance, not that long from when they actually did pass.

How do they choose which point to take?

It depends on the trajectory of that souls path in physical life. Things change in our life paths as we shift to make decisions, choose options and grow. But, the souls plan for the physical life is the guiding force in a lifetime. It will choose the circumstances to leave life that best suit it’s life plan. For example, I met a young man in Spirit who had died at a young age from an overdose. He came through to explain that no one was responsible for that choice except for him. He also said that even if he had not died that particular way, he would have died in another circumstance within a year or so of his actual death. His soul had decided beforehand the goals and lessons for his life and it had chosen the exit that was appropriate for his life circumstances. When he had done what he came to do, his soul called it quits and left. It may seem like a tragic young death to us, but that was not how his soul viewed it. The soul had accomplished what it came to do and it was a clear decision to leave. The soul viewed the physical death of that body as part of its larger plan.

Soul Contracts

Many times a death is part of a soul contract. Before coming into physical life the soul group including family/friends/even acquaintances agree upon the growth lessons for each of them and agree to create certain circumstances in order to provide growth opportunities for each member of the group. Since we learn the most about ourselves through our relationships with people we care about, a soul can choose to die a specific way or in a specific timing in order to bring soul level learning to the others in the soul group. Many times it is the death of someone close to you that prompts a spiritual awakening or other significant change in life experience. This is by design. Souls serve each other’s growth on all levels at all times.

The more I learn in my work with Spirit, the more I see that Soul growth is the driving force in all of our experiences.

Sometimes the opportunity for our greatest transformation comes from our greatest challenges.